Mentorship Program Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in APICS Atlanta's Mentorship Program. We will be focused on facilitating Mentorship resources in two avenues:

1: New Membership Mentorship - Help new members better engage with the Chapter, build new relationships with other members, and take advantage of available opportunities/resources

2: Employment Mentorship - Help unemployed members during their job search & transition period by providing professional guidance, advice and general support

Please note: this program will be individually driven by each Mentor. The Chapter's main role will be to connect Mentors with Mentees. We'd suggest that Mentors and Mentees talk or meet on a very regular basis, at least twice a month. The Chapter and our Board will provide resources as much as possible to grow the program into a valuable component of our organization's programs.

For Employment Mentors we ask for a commitment to maintain regular telephone or face-to-face contact with the person(s) being mentored (Mentee), and for both parties to be fully engaged and to respect each other's time.

For Member Mentors we ask for a commitment to contact the new member within one week of taking on the assignment and maintain regular contact as deemed necessary. This could include ensuring Mentee's are receiving Chapter communications, are aware of upcoming events and aware or volunteer opportunities.

To help us best match Mentors and Mentees together, please tell us a little about yourself.

  Employment Mentor
  APICS Membership Mentor
  Employment Mentee
  APICS Membership Mentee

Please make sure we have accurate contact information: