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What is #SupplyChainCity

Atlanta Ranks #2 Among North Americas Largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas in Supply Chain Capability.

Metro Atlanta has grown into a leading global center for supply chain management due to a strong cluster of headquarters demanding efficient services, a vital southeast geographic location and a robust infrastructure. From highways to rails to the frequency of flights, combined with an outstanding capital ecosystem, Atlanta is uniquely positioned for supply chain technology and talent.

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Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, But Three Rights Make a Left: Containers, Interstates and a Few Book Reviews

Over the years I have espoused one of the things making the USA economically successful was the ease of transportation of goods. Driving around Atlanta I frequently see containers on trucks being shuttled either from a train yard or from the Port of Savannah to a near-by distribution center. Any student pursuing APICS CLTD certification will appreciate the need to understand transportation concepts and some finer details around container shipping. For example,

Land Bridges:

‘An intermodal strategy ‘optimizes sea, road, and rail transport modes to provide alternatives for long distance shippers. Land bridges also minimize issues of immense ships too large for canals or straits. A mini land bridge combines ocean and rail carriers for reaching destinations across a country. A micro land bridge involves a combination of ocean and rail carriers for reaching an inland destination’

[CLTD Version 1.0, 2017 Edition, Pg5-140]

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Why CLTD? ‘Those who know how will always work for those who know why’

In 2016 APICS introduced the new Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) certification. The CLTD certification is earned by passing one comprehensive exam, focusing on eight modules covering critical areas in logistics, transportation, and distribution.

Chris Barnes, a supply chain professional and long-time friend of APICS achieved the CLTD certification late 2016. He recently sat down with Amanda Luton, owner of The Magnolia Marketing Group and social media marketing manager for APICS Atlanta, to discuss the CLTD certification and provide readers with tips on how to successfully study and pass.

Amanda: You achieved CLTD. What other certifications do you have?

Chris:  Yes, I achieved CLTD in December 2016. I also hold the original CPIM designation at the fellow level and added CSCP a few years ago.

Amanda: What are the other certifications and how do they work together?

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