APICS Districts

APICS' more than 250 local chapters are divided into 9 geographic districts that span North America. Each district elects a District Director and a District Manager through a special nomination committee made up of chapter presidents within the district.

APICS Atlanta is a member of the Southeast District. Our current District Director is Mr. Jerry Kilty, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP; and our current District Manager is Ms. Alma Ballard. To reach Jerry, Alma and the entire District staff, please visit the Southeast District website.

The district director’s primary function is to be a member of the APICS Board of Directors. As a member of the Board of Directors; the district director provides recommendations and philosophical direction during the development of policies, procedures, and educational offerings to ensure they enhance the professionalism of operations management.

The district manager has a volunteer district support staff to assist with the development and implementation of chapter management training and two-way communication between APICS corporate and the local chapter. These individuals serve on the District Manager Committee and provide support and guidance to enable chapters to meet the minimum standards in promoting the objectives of the Association.